Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I recently had another style session with the wonderful Sam Woods over at Vibrant Concepts....I think I'm a little addicted!  My friend Leah and I decided that we'd do one for a bit of a girly night and to get an outfit for our lovely friend Bree's wedding on 6 April.  This is what I ended up with. 

Jacket from SES Fashion and earrings from Lovisa

Dress from Dotti

Shoes from Wanted

There are many things that I love about Sam but there are a few things that really stand out!

1. She gets me to try on things that I would normally look at, really like but say to myself "that wont fit you" or "that wont look any good on you, your too chubby to wear something like that" and walk away from and 9 times out of 10, they actually look really good.  
2. She doesn't automatically take you to the most expensive shops.  She will of course, if that's what you'd like, but she will also say "how about we try to get out of this as inexpensively as possible, there's a few shops we can try that are always on trend and not pricey, if we cant find anything there, then we'll move up".
3.  Sam is always super friendly but so professional.  She always knows exactly who you are, which tells you that she keeps a file of you and goes through her notes before she see's you.  Now this may just seem like normal good business sense to most people and of course it is! BUT I recently went to my Doctor and the first thing he asked me was "now have I ever seen you before Erin"...I've been going to the same doctor for the past 6 years!!

So thank you Sam!!

I'm loving my new outfit and cant wait to wear it!!

My sister is having a session in April and I get to tag along.  I'm really interested in what Sam has to say.  Trish and I have always been around the same weight and clothing size but completely different body shapes.  We are also of fairly similar colouring so it will be interesting to see if she ends up being a different colour pallet to me. 

Have you ever been to a stylist or had your colour pallet done? 



A dream house for Trish said...

im looking forward to my styling session as well...YAY!!!

Carrie @carrieloves said...

I've never been to a stylist, but it looks like you've had great luck - I love the outfit you have, the colors are perfect.

About the doctor thing, I'm having the same issues with mine - I blame it on the insurance companies turning the doctor's offices into factories... it's just sad.

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