Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Fit & Healthy - Link Up

I’m 5 months in after having my bub and its time to shift this nutella baby weight, so I’m joining my sister Trish over at A Dream House for Trish for a weekly link up on being fit and healthy. 

Growing up my sister was a personal trainer and nutritionist so I spent many years (from a little girl upward) in a gym doing her classes and this lead too being a bit of a gym junkie in my teens and early twenties.  I went 6 days a week without even thinking about it, some days doing double classes.  I LOVED it! 

Me at 23

At 26 I moved to the Hunter Valley and just couldn't find a gym and instructors that I felt I really gelled with and then got lazy and inconsistent with my workouts and with my nutrition. 

it wasn't until 3 months before I fell pregnant last year that I started going to the gym with my niece and we started doing the Jamie Eason Live Fit program from that I really got back into the swing of things.  The only thing that really held me back was as per usual my nutrition.  I have a serious sugar addiction, can NOT say no to nibbles and like to have a drink on the weekends.  So I got stuck into my training and go some great results and then found out I was pregnant. I kept training up until 20 weeks but after that I stopped and my nutrition went COMPLETELY out the window.  Now….its not a great deal better and I’m still 8kgs over what I’d like to be. 

To try and keep on track I’ve been making some healthy snacks like choc cashew bliss balls from the I Quit Sugar Website and have been menu planning each week before I go grocery shopping.  I’ve also purchased a second hand treadmill so that I don’t have to work around Marty’s shifts or the weather to get a walk or a run in and have found some at home workouts I can do on pinterest. 

 I have to admit that this first one is the only one I've tried so far and I though I was going to pass out on the spot afterwards.....

So please feel free to join our link up and we can help each other reach our health and fitness goals for this year!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Introducing "Z"

In December of 2013 Marty and I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant.  We had decided to start trying in October and we were very lucky for it to happen so quickly.  I have to admit that it was a LOT quicker than I expected, after being on the pill since I was 17, I had thought it would take sometime for me to fall, but I was overjoyed just the same. 

12 Weeks!
We decided to tell our family and close friends straight away, since it was the festive season there was no way I was going to get away with being around those who really know me and not have a celebratory drink!

Baby Announcement
I have to admit that I had a dream pregnancy, no morning sickness whatsoever (please ladies don’t hate me!).  I did however get the usual extreme tiredness in the first 4 months (may have had a little snooze or two at my desk at work ssshhhh) and some acid reflux that made me think my oesophagus was on fire, but that could just be because I’ve never had it before and I’m a whinger….??
35 Weeks (please excuse my hair!)

16 Weeks
31 Weeks

We decided to go through the public system and the Midwifery Group Practice through Maitland Hospital where we were able to have the one Midwife throughout my whole pregnancy and she was fantastic! I saw her every fortnight and then every week towards the end and she then came to the house once a week for 6 weeks after bub was born. 

So I wont go into detail but at 4:00pm on 14 August 2014 I met our Midwife at the hospital because my water had broken and 26 hours, some morphine for pain relief to sleep, then being induced because everything stopped, then some gas and an epidural later…..we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world. 

Zack Graeme Martin
6:30 pm, 15 August 2014
7 pounds 51 cm

I have to say, and I may be biased, that this little guy is the coolest little dude I’ve ever known! He is so laid back and happy.  He just cruises through life and handles whatever it throws at him.  At 3 months he ended up with Hand Foot & Mouth which is very uncomfortable (I know this not from Z but from Marty who caught it from him and I got to hear alllll about it!) and he still manage to give us lots of smiles. 

He is growing so quickly, every day I see changes in him and see him learning new things.  I could sit and just watch him all day, discovering his hands or working out how to play with a new toy that he’s discovered. 

A few years ago I loved playing with my nieces and nephews and friends children but didn’t really see myself having my own, but now that I have this little guy I honestly cant imagine my life without him in it. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Its been a while...

A long while….since May 2013 so…..I’m not really sure if anybody even looks at this anymore, I’ve been a little AWOL. 

A LOT has happened around here in that time.  We’ve done a month long trip to Cape York, bought a ski boat, made some changes to the house and the biggest change of all….we had a little boy. 

So I plan to tell you about all of it and I hope your all keen to come along with me on this new journey of being a Mum!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Its Friday!!!

Happy Friday everybody! 

I don't have a great deal planned for the weekend.  Marty is doing overtime shifts today and tomorrow to try and raise some more money for our big spend up at the Maitland Camping Show in 3 weeks time - its going to be BIG people! We're hoping to get the last of the big stuff that we need for our trip eg. Roof Top Tent, Bullbar and side brushes for the Navara...I hope thing that's the last of the big stuff? 

Does anybody have anything planned for mothers day? Marty and I are going out for brunch with my parents  because brunch is only my FAVE meal of the day!

Work is damn hectic at the moment...which I love and hate all at the same time.  I tend to work better when I'm under the pump but people really can be frustrating sometimes!

Anyhoo...enjoy your weekend peeps!!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bloggers Block...

Now I know I'm not THE most regular blogger on the fact I'm pretty damn irregular with it...but this time is much worse.  I have total bloggers block! I cant think of a single damn thing to write about....cant even think of anything to instagram at the moment...

Its not that nothing good is happening, life is fantastic at the moment.  Soooo I thought I'd just list a few things that are going on at the moment, wish everybody a happy friday and make like a shepherd and move the flock on!

1. I've been doing an online photography course through Click Photography.  I want to fine tune some skillz or just get some...that would be nice! and learn about landscape photography before we go on our trip

2. We are slowly but surely getting ready for the trip. We Marty has now swapped the tub on the back of the ute for a tray which was a massive job. 

It looks like a whole new car! it will be even more so when we get the bullbar put on.  The tray still needs to be painted, it will be colour coded to the same colour as the body. 

3. I've been learning how to water ski.  I can get up and cruise along on 2 skis but have done numerous face plants on one ski and a wake board...I can get up there...just cant stay there. 

4. I've been bouncing ideas around about a business that may or may not occur next year - exciting!!!

5. Mostly all I can think about is our trip away - BRING ON SEPTEMBER!!

Does anybody else suffer from major bloggers block? I know I'm not the only one (obviously!) but how do you overcome it??

Happy Friday Everybody! I hope you've all got fantastic plans for the weekend even if they are just to chillaxe and do sweet eff all!!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A picture says a thousand words....

These ones may not say a THOUSAND words, but they show that we had a damn good time!

I know its a bit late but I thought it was time that I put up some wedding pics so here we go!

 I couldn't be happy with the photos and just the whole fact....I think I could do it all again!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hi Everybody! I haven't done many outfit posts on my lil old blog but I attended a very classy event on the weekend and feel that my carefully planned outfit needs to be shared. 

It was my sister in-laws 20th birthday and we attended several well known drinking establishments in our best finery for the day. 

This is otherwise known as the Country Pub Crawl with a Bright & Tight theme. 

That's me on the left with my other sister in-law, not the birthday girl, before things got messy...

I'll start from my feet up...just in case any of you ever want to recreate this look...

Shoes - hand me downs from my sister
Leg Warmers - Best n Less
Tights - Kmart
Clutch - Kmart
Dress - Kmart
Jacket - ICE
Bangles - Kmart
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